Meal Planning

Menu Plan Monday 2014.08.11

To keep myself on budget (hopefully) I am joining in OrgJunkie‘s weekly menu planning link-up.  This month we will be attempting to “eat down” our freezer.

Monday:  (Planned Leftovers) Crockpot Beef & Broccoli with brown rice.

Tuesday:  Smothered (mushroom soup) Round Steak with Pasta and Green Beans.

Wednesday:  Sausage, onions and Pierogies with corn on the cob.

Thursday:  Salmon Patties with mac & cheese and peas

Friday:  Chicken Nuggets with leftover mac & cheese and peas & corn on the cob.

Saturday:  Hot Dogs in BBQ sauce, buttered bread (because my strange kids won’t eat actual hot dogs), buttered carrots

Sunday:  Potluck (Fridge Clean-out) Night